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Cheap Doxycycline

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completed ; then subjecting the acidified product of the reaction to titra- tion with j^ ammonium sulphocyanate. As pointed out by Firbas, the author finds that the values are materially increased if the reacting mix- ture is heated after standing 24 hours, which proves that the decomposi- Cheap Doxycycline tion of the oil is not complete and the results of the test therefore misleading. He finds, moreover, that the preliminary exposure of the mixture at the ordinary temperature is not only unnecessary before the Digitized by Google BENZALDEHYDE. 3II heating for which one hour is sufficient but that the formation of allyl- oxythiou re thane during the prolonged exposure of the mixture at the ordinary temperature is also a source of error, which is practically obviated if the prescribed mixture is immediately subjected to heat. The author therefore recommends the following modification Cheap Doxycycline of the G. P. IV test : 5 Cc. of spirit of mustard (= 1-50) are mixed with 10 Cc. of ammonia water and 50 Cc. of yV silver nitrate solution, in a loo-Cc. flask; this is closed with a cork into which a Cheap Doxycycline glass tube i meter long is inserted (to serve as a reflux condenser) , and the mixture is immediately heated in an Cheap Doxycycline actively boiling water- bath for one hour. After cooling to 15** C, filtra- tion, and adjustment to 100 Cc. with distilled water, 50 Cc. of the clear filtrate are slightly acidified with nitric acid, i Cc. of ferric ammonium sulphate solution is added, and the mixture is titrated with ^ ammonium sulphocyanate solution until a red color is developed, for which purpose 16.6 to 17.22 Cc. should be required. The reliability of this modified method is exhibited in a table embracing the results of numerous de- terminations. Cheap Doxycycline Arch. d. Pharm., 246 (1908), No. i, 58-69. Volatile Oil of Brassica Rapa var, Rapifetay Metzger, Characters and composition, see Turnips ^ under " Materia Medica." Oil of Bitter Almonds Substitution of Benzaldehyde in Commercial Oils. Frank O.Taylor has subjected twenty-two samples of oil of bitter almonds from various sources to the U. S. P. tests. The specific gravities of these oils and their solubility in 70 per cent, alcohol conformed to the official requirements, but only five samples were found to be free from chlorinated compounds, the presence of which was revealed in the remain- ing seventeen samples both by the copper test and the silver nitrate test. The presence or absence of hydrocyanic acid afford no criterion of genu- ineness since they may be removed purposely from a genuine oil Cheap Doxycycline or added to the sophisticated oil. In the present investigation, hydrocyanic acid was present in two and absent in the other three samples of pure oil, while in the oils containing chlorinated compounds, six contained hydrocyanic acid, and eleven were free from it. In six of the Cheap Doxycycline oils, wholly or partly sophisticated with synthetic benzaldehyde, the attempt was therefore made to duplicate more nearly the genuine oil. The author criticises some of the U. S. P. requirements as erroneous, and particularly the assay method of benzaldehyde, the introduction of which into the Pharmaco- poeia he considers to have been premature. The chief difficulty with the process is the uncertainty attendant upon the determination of the end- point. Amer. Journ. Pharm., April, 1908, 154-162. Benzaldehyde Fharmacoposial Assay, E. S. Wright experienced diffi- culty in determining the exact end- reaction and in obtaining concordant results in the assay of benzaldehyde by the official process. Three assays of the same sample gave 79.423, 78.023, and 77.382 per cent. Rosolic Digitized by VjOOQIC 312 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. acid was tried as indicator, but proved unsatisfactory. The official assay was modified to the extent of heating the benzaldehyde, kerosene and sodium sulphite together in a glass-stoppered bottle to 60** C, cooling and then titrating. The results in seven assays of the same sample ranged from 80.33 to 86.916 per cent., average 83.96. An attempt to adopt the official assay for formaldehyde to the assay of benzaldehyde also failed, as did treatment with an excess of sodium bisulphite and titration of the excess of bisulphite with iodine V. S., owing to the difficulty in determin- ing the end reaction. Amer. Joum. Pharm., Aug., 1907, 366. " Absinthe " Oils Relative Turbidity Produced by Diluting their Alco- holic Solutions with Water, ^The opinion being frequently expressed that the injurious character of the liqueur, known as " absinthe," can be judged from the occurrence of a more Cheap Doxycycline or less strong turbidity when a definite quantity of water is added to it, Sangl^-Ferriere and Cuniasse examined Cheap Doxycycline the volatile oils used in the manufacture of this " liqueur " for their behav- ior towards water. Each of the oils was dissolved in 70 per cent, alcohol in the proportion of 3 Gm. per liter, and to this solution ^ of its volume of distilled water was added. The turbidity numbers determined with the aid of a diaphanometer, were for the individual oils as follows: Wormwood oil, 40.4 ; oil of tanzy, 53.0 ; hyssop oil, 34.0 ; coriander oil, 34.0; fennel oil, 12.0; star-anise oil, 3.4; anise oil, 2.2. These numbers indicate the height in millimeters at which the finest lines of the dia- phanometer screen can no longer be distinguished. From these results it is quite clear that the occurrence of turbidity when water is added cannot be accepted as a criterion for the injurious character of the oil in question, the reverse being actually the case, since the strongest turbidity is caused by the comparatively harmless and non- poisonous spice oils fennel, star- anise and anise while, in the case of the most strongly toxic thujone- containing oils wormwood and tanzy the turbidity was the most feeble. The authors propose that the total oil content of the " liqueur " be deter- mined and a test made for the presence of thujone. SchimmePs Rep., Oct., 1907, 98; from Joum. de Pharm. et Chem., vi, 25* (1907), 428. Japanese Angelica Oil^ Characters and Constants. Schimmel & Co. report the results of examination of Japanese angelica oil, recently dis- tilled by them. It was obtained in a Cheap Doxycycline yield of o.i per cent.; possessed an olive-green color, and an odor scarcely distinguishable from that of the oil obtained from German roots {Archangelica officinalis, Hoffm.) ; sp. gr., 0.9081 at 15 C. ; opt. rot., 1 40'; acid no., 10.6; ester no., 39.8; Cheap Doxycycline incompletely soluble in 10 vol. 90-per cent, alcohol; soluble in every proportion in 95-per cent, alcohol; deposits abundant white crystals when subjected Cheap Doxycycline to a freezing mixture (oxypentadecylic acid?). Schim- mePs Rep., Oct., 1907, 15. Oil of Artemisia Cina Terpineol a Constituent, J. Schindelmeiser communicates the results of a comprehensive investigation of the volatile Digitized by VjOOQIC
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